Vanetta Johnson

Interim Exective Director

PEERS Interim Executive Director

As the Interim Executive Director, Vanetta is responsible for providing leadership for PEERS while the board of directors conducts a broad search for a permanent Executive Director.  Vanetta works closely with the executive team to ensure we are operating within our mission and vision and promoting a peer-to-peer culture.  Vanetta is also responsible for supervising program staff, supporting professional development, and implementing a coaching culture throughout the organization.

Vanetta joined PEERS with a background that includes youth leadership and workforce development, program coordination, and administration.  Before joining PEERS, she worked as Program/Professional Development Coordinator, working closely with former foster and probation Transition Age Youth.   She also volunteered at VBR Family and Children Services, where she discovered a passion for supporting systems involved youth.

As a former foster youth, Vanetta has been personally impacted by mental health and has overcome various obstacles. Vanetta is deeply invested in her recovery and being an example to others that recovery is possible. She leans on her faith, counseling/mentoring, and her support system to continue her wellness journey.  

In her spare time, Vanetta loves spending time with friends and family, listening to music, creative writing, watching movies, and learning/experimenting with natural health and beauty products.

Kenneth Kozi Arrington

Program Outreach Coordinator

Kenneth Kozi Arrington

Kenneth Kozi Arrington is a Program Coordinator for PEERS. In his role, Kozi is in charge of reaching out to various Alameda County communities, organizations, and agencies that serve people with mental health challenges.  He also plays a lead role with Emotional CPR and facilitates WRAP and Tobacco groups. He is also the founder and lead facilitator for Pool of Consumer Champions (POCC ) Sexuality & Gender Alliance (SAGA )

As Program Outreach Coordinator, Kozi utilizes his community relations skills to promote awareness, recruit volunteers, and organize events that benefit both the public and people with mental health experiences. He also introduces the concept and educates members of the community on the importance of mental health.

What Kozi likes most about being involved with PEERS is his ability to meet with, connect with, listen to, and learn from others. He enjoys facilitating self-empowerment with others as well as himself as he proactively engages in his individual recovery.

Kozi has held various roles at PEERS. In January of 2013, he served as an intern from the BestNow! Peer Specialist Training Program and worked on the PEERS video series Stories of Recovery. Following his internship and before transitioning to his current role, he served as the Front Desk Receptionist.

A graduate of Emotional CPR, Kozi also served as a Mentor on Discharge through the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), and is a certified "Peer 2 Peer"group facilitator and "In Our Own Voice" (IOOV) group facilitator through NAMI. Most recently, he has become a subject/participant of the NAMI, IOOV Cultural Adaptation Video Series as a representative of the African American LGBT family of mental health consumers.

Kozi is also a professional vocalist, actor, director for stage and television, writer, and spoken word artist. He worked and volunteered for many years for the Alameda County Public Health Department’s Office of AIDS as a community activist, advocate, Peer Educator and Linkage Coordinator for People Living With HIV/AIDS, PLWHA.

Acorn Cortez

Program Assistant

Acorn Cortez is the Program Assistant at PEERS.  Acorn’s primary duties are to support the Executive Director with reports, data entry, research, website maintenance and event planning. Acorn is also responsible for the front desk and greeting community members who come to our office. Prior to working at PEERS, Acorn worked in a variety of fields including labor organizing, the public health sector, transportation planning and transnational migration research. Through these experiences they became interested in the intersections of labor, race,  gender, sexuality and mental health. Working with PEERS, Acorn hopes to work to deconstruct the social stigmas that surround mental health as well as support community members in tangible ways. They are especially interested in supporting QTPOC, transitional age youth and undocumented communities in Oakland.

Acorn has a Bachelors of Science in Community and Regional Development from the University of California, Davis. Acorn believes in the importance of decolonizing mental health services through providing consumer-based holistic options and radical femme softness. Acorn also believes in PEERS mission to utilize art as a form of healing. Acorn is a brujx, an artist, writer, survivor and advocate.


Lyndsey Ellis

Program Coordinator

Lyndsey Ellis is a Program Coordinator with PEERS. She’s responsible for outreach, blog writing, facilitating Reflections and Expressions workshops, Spirituality, co-organizing Day of Prayer, and various other PEERS activities.

As a resident of the Bay Area for nearly 10 years, Ellis has engaged in volunteer outreach, facilitated writing workshops for, and worked with domestic violence survivors in the past. She has a background in creative writing with some experience in copywriting, freelance journalism, and blogging with work appearing in 7x7, For Harriet,, and Heart & Soul Magazine among other places. In her spare time, she enjoys Afro Samba dancing and traveling to spend time with family in her hometown, St. Louis MO. 

Patrick Glass

Communications Coordinator

Patrick Glass is Communications Coordinator at PEERS. In his current role, Patrick helps orchestrate outreach efforts, web content, and video production needs. He primarily contributes to the Everyone Counts Campaign, among other projects. A longtime advocate for wellbeing and lifestyle balance, in the past, Patrick worked in publishing, academic research, and non-profits. Although he is an Oakland native, Patrick attended Wesleyan University in Connecticut, graduating with a BA in English. He is very excited to be living in the Bay Area again.

Outside of work, you can find Patrick hiking, playing soccer, reading, or hanging out with friends and family. His other interests include postmodern novels, detective movies, and board games of all kinds. 

Ashlee Jemmott

Program Coordinator

Ashlee T. Jemmott is a highly motivated young professional who is seeking to set precedence for her community.  As a dedicated servant leader she supported with the creation and opening of the school based health center at Mccylomnds High School (Chappell Hayes Health Center) in collaboration with Children’s Hospital Oakland. After graduating from McClymonds Ashlee attended San Jose State University earning a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology. While at SJSU Ashlee became a fierce advocate for former and current foster youth attending SJSU whereby she created and founded the Connect, Motivate, Educate (CME) Scholars who supported with the matriculation process and finding resources for current and former foster such as funding for school, tutoring services, mental health services, and housing.

Ashlee has been in the mental health field working with youth and young adults from the Juvenile Justice System, Foster Care system, and/or young mothers and fathers to provide resources, assistance and guidance. She has served in the community as a Career and Education Coordinator, Payroll Assistant, Academic Advisor, and most recently a Founding Instructional Aide at a newly opened charter school in Oakland.  Ashlee has received and plethora of awards, scholarships and accolades for her outstanding community service efforts. As a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated as well as the National Coalition of 100 Black Women Ashlee is committed to exuding excellence and setting positive examples in her community. Ashlee plans on obtaining her Master’s degree, and pursuing a PsyD in Clinical Psychology.

“I believe that maintaining a balance between life, and one’s individual health and wellness is the most important thing one can do to gain inner peace.  I am a representation of the population I serve. As a recipient of mental health services and being in and out of various other systems I have realized that its only by God’s grace, dedication to my continued improvement, and the fact that somebody along my journey stopped and took notice of me and helped me that I have made it to this point.... this is why I must give back. 

Zakiya Johnson

Program Assistant

Zakiya Johnson started as an intern and quickly found that her values aligned with PEERS. Zakiya is now a Program Assistant, currently responsible for supporting programs with evaluations, and provides administrative support to the Wellness and Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) team and Lift Every Voice and Speak (LEVS) team. Zakiya also supports program related events such as the We Move for Health Walk (formerly 10x10 Walk).

Zakiya has also been introduced to the Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP®).  She has started to use the tools to support herself through school and family life. She is excited to be a part of educating and reducing the stigma about mental health in her community and has joined the Pool Of Consumer Champions (POCC) a program of Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Services with a membership of 900+. She is excited to continue to grow as an advocate in this field and continue to network with peers across Alameda County.

Zakiya likes to spend time with her children, family, and friends. Zakiya is a Bay Area native and loves interacting with people and has a strong interest in helping youth who have experienced trauma. Zakiya attends San Francisco State University and is working toward her Bachelors of Arts in Liberal Studies/Social Work.

Nancy Lee

Finance Director

As Finance Director, Nancy Lee controls the purse strings for PEERS. Responsible for establishing and maintaining accounting systems, safeguarding PEERS assets, preparing financial reports, and complying with audit requirements, Nancy has been involved with PEERS since 2002 when she helped create the program budget with the first BHCS contract.

Nancy is proud to be associated with PEERS and share the commitment to advocating wellness recovery and social inclusion. A graduate of the 3-Day WRAP workshop, Nancy believes that there is hope and help to feel and get well.

Nancy is married and has two children.

Veronica Liu

Program/Office Coordinator

Veronica Liu is the Program Coordinator for the Chinese American project at PEERS. She also is lead for administrative tasks and internal operations. For the past 17 years, she has worked within diverse communities as an educator within the academic field serving predominantly low-income Spanish speaking youth from immigrant families as well as students in special education.

In addition, she has volunteered at her local Second Harvest Food Bank and continues to do so providing translation work and helping to distribute food to families and elders. Veronica is always inspired by how resilient communities are in face of struggle and adversity and the selflessness of those who serve others. She is excited to bring her bilingual language skills to PEERS to serve her community. She holds a degree in Sociology from San Jose State University and is the proud parent of a daughter who also engages in social justice work. In her spare time, she enjoys reading fiction mystery novels, watching all movies, and exercising.

Toshie Narita

Finance Coordinator

Toshie Narita

In her role, Finance Coordinator Toshie Narita helps the finance department with bookkeeping, filing, and other activities that keep the office running smoothly and efficiently. Before coming to PEERS, Toshie served as a bookkeeper, front clerk, concierge, and financial manager at a hotel in her hometown. She has also been a tutor for children.

Toshie is originally from Japan and came to the United States in 1999 to study film. Shortly after she arrived, Toshie found she wasn't as young as other students and didn’t have friends for a period of time. In addition, she found herself lonely shortly after getting married and as a result, sought counseling. In the process, she learned that she could ask for help when needed, which helped her feel better being in a country in which she did not grow up. Toshie believes that experience was an "amazing realization" as to how important mental health is and the effectiveness of related programs.

Toshie is excited to be a part of an organization that has been doing "great things in the mental health field and is increasingly recognized by society." In her spare time, Toshie loves photography, camping, snowboarding, going for a drive, hiking, reading, and watching suspense movies and TV shows.

Basilia Padilla

Program Coordinator

Basilia Padilla is a program coordinator with PEERS. In her role she is making efforts to reduce stigma and discrimination within the Latino/a communities. As a Program Coordinator, Basilia is responsible for supporting the community in developing new skills, facilitating trainings and meetings, and coordinating outreach events designed to promote wellness, stigma reduction, and reduce discrimination.  She believes that by creating cultural inclusiveness and fully understanding the culture and community that you’re serving we can effectively and successfully promote wellness.  

Basilia is a certified facilitator for the Hearing Voices Network, graduate of eCPR, and 2015 was voted most likely to create a women’s multilingual program.  Before joining PEERS she worked with the “Special Messages” innovation grant project using the curriculum developed by Tim Dreby.  She was an Outreach/Peer Specialist and worked with individuals experiencing psychosis; Basilia worked with participants to help reduce their isolation by providing peer support.  She also facilitated presentations geared toward providers to assist with developing a common language that honors the participants.

In her work with Special Messages she developed the slogan for the program “Sharing our experiences on Special message at a time.”   Because she strongly believes that by sharing our experiences we can reduce the stigma that comes with a diagnosis. Basilia has struggled with her own diagnosis of depression, PTSD, and message receiving.  She is Mexican American and in her journey to recovery it was her Mexican background that helped her achieve wellness. With the help of her culture, religion, and support of her grandmother and grandfather she was able to achieve wellness.

Basilia was born and raised in the Bay Area and attends Cal State East Bay working towards her Bachelors of Arts in Psychology. She loves live music, concerts, movies, and spending time with her daughter and fiancé. 

Gilbert Pizano

Program Coordinator

Gilbert is a Program Coordinator at PEERS. In his role, Gilbert is lead staff for the Lift Every Voice and Speak speakers' bureau. He is also responsible for facilitating Wellness Recovery Action Plans (WRAP) groups, Reflections and Expressions Workshops, and participating in the Psych Med Videos project.

Gilbert has a background in youth advocacy, facilitating trainings and focus groups, as well as lived experience as a Transition Age Youth (TAY) and the Foster Care System. Before joining PEERS, Gilbert worked for an organization that provided direct and indirect advocacy to foster and probation youth throughout Alameda County’s Department of Children and Family Services. Gilbert’s experiences have motivated him to further his career path within this field of work and to make changes every step of the way.

He also loves skateboarding, cutting hair, photography, but most importantly enjoys the company of his loved ones.

Heather Riemer

Program Coordinator

Heather leads the Tobacco Harm Reduction program and facilitates tobacco presentations, WRAP groups, trainings and orientations, and eCPR workshops. 

Heather has struggled with her own personal issues stemming from the trauma in her early life. Depression and anxiety have plagued her since she was young, leading to homelessness and hospitals. Heather wants to help change the mental health care system so others will know that recovery is real.

Before making a transition to Program Coordinator she worked with the “Special Messages” innovation grant project, a program of PEERS. She was an Outreach/Peer Specialist and worked with individuals experiencing psychosis to let them know that they not alone. She also facilitated special messages presentations geared toward providers to assist with developing a common language that honors the strengths of people with mental health experiences.

Heather is originally from Hawaii, but now calls the Bay Area home. Her greatest joy is her 3 children, who are now young adults, making their way in the world. She enjoys being a part of PEERS, and she hopes to make a positive difference in the health and well-being of people who identify as mental health consumers. 

Heather is a graduate of Hawaii Community College and BestNow! She is also certified in WRAP, eCPR, Tobacco Cessation, First Aid, Hearing Voices, CERT, and Youth Mental Health First Aid. She is always striving to make the world more aware and accepting of those living with mental health experiences.

Lynn Rivas, PhD

Associate Director

As the Associate Director, Lynn supports the Executive Director and Finance Director with organization sustainability; manages the stigma and discrimination reduction campaign and internal operations; and collaborates with programs.

Lynn’s background includes organizing around workforce issues, disability advocacy, training and workforce development, program development and evaluation, and all phases of grants applications and management.

Lynn has lived experience with a mental health diagnosis and she works every day on her recovery.  PEERS offered an opportunity for authenticity that is unique and which Lynn deeply values. She is committed to the mission of PEERS and is looking forward to working towards the goal of reducing stigma and discrimination in the broader community.

Lynn and Teresa, Lynn’s spouse of 27 years, spend most of their free time with their dog Rascal.

Vilma Sakalauskaite

Program Assistant

Vilma was an intern at PEERS through BestNow! peer specialist training program and is now employed as a Program Assistant. Vilma assists Program Coordinators with various tasks, facilitates Tobacco presentations and assists with WRAP.

Originally from Lithuania, Vilma has a lived immigration experience. She takes interest in mental health, wellness and addiction recovery. Being committed to self-determination and healing, Vilma is familiar with recovery services and supports various programs at PEERS. She likes exercising, dancing and nature hikes. Her intention is to be as present as possible and to have fun.

Bre Williams

Program Coordinator II

Brianna Williams

Bre is an Advanced Level WRAP Facilitator, Program Coordinator II at PEERS, student of life, and an advocate wherever she goes. She knows that life challenges happen to any and everyone, but fully believes that with hope, determination, and support, everyone can recover and live the life they desire! 

Bre Williams started working in the mental health field as an advocate for youth services after being diagnosed with depression and social anxiety at the age of 15. After a suicide attempt and creating a Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) plan for her to stay on the road to recovery, she became a certified WRAP facilitator in 2009. (She recently received her Advanced Level WRAP Facilitator certification in 2014). Having a baby girl a month later drove her to become more aware and act on the need for more support for herself and other Transition Age Youth like her. In 2010, she became the staff support for the TAY committee of Pool Of Consumer Champions (POCC) and in 2011, she used her advocacy skills to lobby for a more long term and visible TAY program, and became a co-creator of the Transition Age Youth Initiative, now known as the Transition Age Youth  (TAY) Leadership Program.

She is the creator of the Ebony Youth Project (now known as Downtown TAY) and the Sankofa Sessions under HHREC, a project whose mission is to understand, address, and eliminate environmental, generational, and systematic barriers the create PTSD for underserved TAY populations. 

She is trained and certified in a wide array of certifications, such as Peer Support, eCPR, Motivational Interviewing (MI), Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), and was given the 2012 Transition Age Youth award from ACBHCS’s Pool of Consumer Champions. She has been a keynote for two consecutive years at the National Alternatives conference, co-created a psycho-educational board game called "TAY Area," participants in multiple public speaking campaigns, and has facilitated countless workshops and trainings to mental health providers and clinicians, graduate and undergrad students entering in the field of mental health, and other Transition Age Youth. She was featured in the Shine documentary telling her story of recovery with two other dynamic TAY, which received an honorable mention on the 2013 Voice Awards, and viewed in the 12th annual International Film Festival in Oakland.