The Wellness Recovery Action Plan®, or WRAP®, is an evidence-based practice used worldwide by people dealing with mental or general health challenges and by those who want to attain the highest possible level of wellness. WRAP focuses on wellness and wholeness rather than illness and sickness. PEERS offers a series of 1-day, 3-day, and 5-day workshops designed to give participants the tools for improving their own lives and ultimately help others do the same. We also offer ongoing groups for those who want implement WRAP® into their own lives on a daily basis.

Current Groups:

*PEERS* (Open to the public)
333 Hegenberger Rd, Suite 250, Oakland, CA 94621
Fridays from 1:30pm - 3:30pm

*La Familia Counseling Services* (Spanish-language, open to the public)
26081 Mocine Avenue, Hayward CA 94544
Friday from 10am - 12pm

*South County Homeless Project* (Site-only participants)
258 West A Street, Hayward, CA 94541
Wednesdays from 10am -12pm

*East Bay Community Recovery Project* (Site-only participants)
2579 San Pablo Avenue, Oakland CA 94607
Mon. 10am - 12pm

PEERS Certified WRAP Facilitators in Alameda County

This is a list of WRAP Facilitators who were trained in Alameda County. Please contact us if your information is listed below and is incorrect.

First Name Last Name County
Stella Allison Alameda
Melissa Albers Alameda
Kozi Arrington Alameda
Lisa Avant Alameda
Binh Au Alameda
Manpreet Bassi Alameda
Tarika Bhundhumani Alameda
John Black Alameda
Jane Bond Alameda
Brenda Bracy Alameda
Edward Branco Alameda
Crystal Brinkely Alameda
Jia Broussard Alameda
William Brown Alameda
Harry Caldwell Alameda
Sharon Caldwell Alameda
Nancy Calhoun Alameda
Michele Campbell-Mateo Alameda
Krystal Carpenter Alameda
Janny Castillo Alameda
Brian Cervantes Alameda
Christina Chang Alameda
Thomas Clancy Alameda
Khao Dang Alameda
Kristin Dawson Alameda
Eric Devers Alameda
Stefani DeVito Alameda
Michael Diehl Alameda
Annie DiTiberio Alameda
Masi Doost Alameda
Rashad Eady Alameda
Horatio Finely Alameda
Brenda Flagg Alameda
Cynthia Franklin Alameda
Andrea Friis Alameda
Kent Gabel Alameda
Britney Green Alameda
Norman Guerrero Alameda
Elsa Gutierrez Alameda
Yousof Hamdan Alameda
Ernest Hardmon III Alameda
Cardom Harmon Alameda
Thomas Harper Alameda
Steve Hayes Alameda
Jessica Hendrix Alameda
Octavis Henry Alameda
Marlene Hudson Alameda
Mia Jackson Alameda
Linda Jackson-Shaw Alameda
Ashlee Jemmott Alameda
Byron Johnson Alameda
Jonthan Johnson Alameda
Deborah Jones Alameda
Henry Konopka Alameda
Laura Lozano Alameda
Charles Lewis Alameda
Sylvia Lowe Alameda
Eugenia Leon Alameda
Tiffany Lopez Heat Alameda
Sederia Lewis Alameda
Ruth Lira Alameda
Veronica Liu Alameda
Karalyn Lee Alameda
Esther Marquez Alameda
Joyce Mayzck Alameda
Loretha McUay Alameda
Maurice Medina Alameda
Niny Marquez Alameda
Jacinda Marshall Alameda
Ronald Moss Alameda
Pamela Mchombo-Taylor Alameda
Andy Murphy-Greenburg Alameda
Michele Moncrief Alameda
Carmen Marquez Alameda
Sara Morgan Alameda
Jacqueline Oliver Alameda
Elizabeth Paredes Alameda
BJ Phillips Alameda
Joshua Paulos Alameda
Melody Parker Alameda
Mari Perez-Ruiz Alameda
Edgar Pacheco Alameda
Tawny Porter Alameda
Elaine Peng Alameda
Quennie Poking-Chan Alameda
Basilia Padilla Alameda
F. Asha Passalaacqua Alameda
Renee Ramcharitar Alameda
Kelly Robinson Alameda
Frank Rogers Alameda
Tracy Rosalio Alameda
Heather Riemer Alameda
Bernadette Richards Alameda
Vincianna Reed Alameda
Linda Ross Alameda
Lynn Rivas Alameda
Evan Scholls Alameda
Krista Sampson Alameda
Danielle Sherman Alameda
Fred Smith Alameda
Marina Shipp Alameda
Rasheed Salaam Alameda
Simone Sims Alameda
Feuy Saechao Alameda
Starr Stoddard Alameda
Aisha Scott Alameda
Eric Summerville Alameda
Sierra Stofle Alameda
Vilma Sakalauskaite Alameda
Lisa Trass Alameda
Tuyet Tan Alameda
Rod Tate Alameda
Gary Tia Alameda
Joniece Thomas Alameda
Luis Trevino Alameda
Trinh Tran Alameda
Dawuud Turner Alameda
Renwicke Vittito Alameda
Jamie Works-Wright Alameda
Michele Wms-Smith Alameda
Carl D. Wright Alameda
Idell Wilson Alameda
Joseph Williams Alameda
Robert Walker Alameda
Chaleen White-Leach Alameda
Michael Webb Alameda
Neomi Wesley Alameda
Gabriela Zuloaga Alameda


WRAP Groups

WRAP® is a personalized wellness-plan development program for people with mental or general health challenges. Find a group near you and create your own wellness plan.

WRAP Certification

WRAP® is a personalized wellness-plan development program for people with lived experience with mental and/or general health challenges developed by Dr. Mary Ellen Copeland. Interested in becoming a facilitator of WRAP groups? Start here.

Learn more about this work:


"Tree of Life" Activity at the POCC Conference

Today at the 6th Annual POCC Conference, PEERS Programs Manager Bre Williams presented a "Tree of Life" workshop in conjunction with the POCC African American Empowerment Committee.


WRAP 5 Day Facilitation Training for Women

PEERS is currently hosting a 5-Day Wellness Recovery Action Plan Facilitator Training for Women.


Transition Age Youth WRAP Group

PEERS is now hosting a Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) group for Transition Age Youth (TAY).


A Personal Reflection of PEERS WRAP Certification Seminars

When it comes to mental health and wellness, the recovery process is not a one-size-fits-all phenomenon.