Alameda County Everyone Counts Campaign

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Funded by Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Services (ACBHCS), led by PEERS, the Alameda County Everyone Counts Campaign is a groundbreaking effort to end stigma and discrimination against people with mental health experiences.

The Campaign aims to eradicate two types of stigma. External stigma, which refers to the attitudes held by society that people with mental health issues are somehow lacking, incapable, incompetent, or not worthy of dignified and equitable treatment. Internal stigma is the attitude held by the person with mental health challenges that they are unworthy, unlovable, and unvalued.

We firmly believe that a socially inclusive society leads to the betterment of all its members. By eliminating barriers caused by unequal treatment, we can live, love, learn, and work together, ultimately achieving more as a community than by ourselves.

Stigma Reduction Work with Chinese Communities

Find out more about wellness for Chinese Americans.

Doctor with Patient

Stigma Reduction Work in Primary Care

Find more about how primary care doctors are partnering with their patients with mental health challenges.

Stigma Work in the African American Community

For three years, PEERS has worked closely with the African American community in promoting wellness practices and mental health education. Learn what PEERS has accomplished and why we chose this community.

Stigma Work in the Housing Sector

People with mental health challenges face a variety of obstacles when looking for housing. Learn why advocacy work in the housing sector is so important.

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Healing Trauma Through Yoga

Trauma-sensitive yoga is specifically adapted from traditional yoga practices to create a soothing environment that minimizes. In this article, learn more about how Yoga can help heal the effects trauma.


In Loving Memory, for Kay

Jean Lee shares a personal story of losing a loved one, she ends her story saying, "I wish people in the world would give the ones that have mental illness more love and care while they are still alive."


Mental Health Day of Prayer 2015

Alameda County Mental Health Day of Prayer 2015

Mental Health Day of Prayer is a national event to raise awareness about Mental Health, and an opportunity to share how spirituality can aid in recovery and help maintain wellness.