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Social Inclusion

Led by PEERS, the Social Inclusion Campaign is a groundbreaking effort to end stigma and discrimination against people with mental health issues throughout Alameda County.

We envision an authentically inclusive community that welcomes people with mental health and substance abuse issues, and their families, with equal opportunities to live, love, learn, lead, work, pray and play. We see a community in which people with mental health issues are not defined by their diagnosis, but by the life they lead.

Learn more about the campaign strategies by visiting the sections below.


In facilitating contact between people with mental health issues and the general community, PEERS will educate and inform those who hold the power to change discriminatory practices.


By using tools such as strength-based trainings, spirituality, and education about wellness and recovery, PEERS will help individuals build on their talents and capacities, thereby decreasing internalized stigma.


By tracking and responding to how mental health is portrayed in the media as well as producing our own media, PEERS will shape the messages society is exposed to about mental health.


PEERS is collaborating with spiritual communities as first responders to mental health crises and providing ongoing support in wellness and recovery.

TAY Initiative

The Transition Age Youth Initiative (TAYi) promotes leadership and empowerment through community education and involvement. Members use their skills and abilities to end stigma and improve the lives of TAY.

PEERS helped in the recovery of nearly 1000 people last year. Help us reach even more. Donate.