Media Projects

We believe that one person’s story can change the world. Our award-winning media projects promote positive discussion and education around a taboo topic and give a voice to the traditionally silenced.

Some of our projects include Mental Health Matters, a 30-minute TV talk show; Mental Health and Wellness Radio, a public radio-style podcast; Stories of Recovery, a series of short videos profiling people who have recovered; Shine, a documentary film highlighting young adults who have recovered from trauma; and I'm Good, an international mental health blogging campaign.


Shine is an uplifting documentary that features the trials, tribulations, and triumphs or three young adults from the Bay Area who defied the odds and overcame mental health challenges.

Mental Health Matters

Mental Health Matters is an award-winning talk show with a fresh perspective on mental health.

Mental Health and Wellness Radio

Mental Health and Wellness Radio is an award-wining podcast that explores issues surrounding mental health and fun ways to maintain wellness.

Stories of Recovery

Stories of Recovery is a short video series that highlights people's stories of struggle, hope, and recovery.

I'm Good

Participate in an international multimedia effort to promote wellness and end mental health stigma with the I'm Good international blogging campaign.

Digital Storytelling for Youth

Hear the stories of resiliency from young adults who have triumphed over hardships and as they share big plans for pursuing their dreams.

Conference Dispatches

PEERS has gained national recognition for its multimedia of mental health conferences throughout the country. Explore blogs, news articles, social media posts, and video coverage of prominent leaders in the field.